Our collection contains jacquard shearing type curtains, jacquard side curtains as well as plain curtain fabrics. We produce different qualities that any market demands in the world as well as qualities that only we manufacture. Our main qualities are everykind of jacquard and dobby organza. Linen and silk curtains. Double jacquard tafta, double organza, FR curtains and drapperies. Ready made curtains and drapperies, bed covers, pillows, table cloths, plissť articles. In short almost anything that you can imagine when it comes to dressing up your windows and more.

Our own designer team produces our designs which are all pattented to Multiteks Tekstil A.S. Our designer team live and breed the world. This means, we have designs for every kind of culture and people. We produce designs that are different than known concepts and these facts have been confirmed over and over again by our customers. Design is where it all starts, but it does not end there.

Quality is one thing, we will not compromise. All of our fabrics are tested by "Deutscher AkkreditierungsRat by DAP Akkreditierungssystem Prufwesen GmbH" accredited labs according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000 standards as well as according to "Textile Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (LACE)" standards. These tests guarantee our customers's satisfaction in all over the world.

Quality cannot be manufactured without the right yarns or finishing. We buy yarns from all over the world. We only use top quality yarns and finishing facilities.

Our machinery line contains state of the art electronic jacquard and electronic dobby weaving machines. We take pride in our machinery. Our manufacturing capacity is 540.000 meters per year. 350.000 meter of our capacity is from jacquard and the rest is from dobby weaving machines. Our quality control machinery and professional staff gives us the edge that separates us from the other manufacturers. Our production is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Although our machinery line is one of the best, we believe that human mind and soul make the difference. We always put our soul and experience to the product that we manufacture. In Multiteks tradition and discipline shines on our curtains that we manufacture.

We export our production line to more than 35 countries in 5 different continents. So it is very easy to say that we are a company of the world. Our customer and country portfolio grows every year.

We known our customers's needs and demands and when it comes to demands and needs, we take pride in our customer service. In todays competitive market; quality, collection and customer service are equivalent values to each other. With out one of these qualities, no company can be a world company. This applies to our company in more stronger terms because of the way our company managed. In short, customer satisfaction is definite.

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